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Whether up front affordability, energy efficiency or "Going Green" and "Going Smart" is your goal, Jenkins Heating and Air can help you reach it without sacrificing quality!

Comfort for Your Home

When it comes to finding an air conditioning unit for your home, you can’t get any better than the Comfort Series we offer at Jenkins Heating & Air in Jacksonville, FL. From the Touch-N-Go thermostat to the heat pump and fan coils, this series is designed with your comfort in mind. The selections in the Comfort Series will prove to be enough to cool every room in your home with ease. The series is affordable, efficient and simple.


Comfort Series Heat Pump
Models 25HCE4 & 25HBC5

The heat pump included with the Comfort Series is energy efficient and has a SEER of 15.0. When paired with the Comfort Series AC unit, you will get maximum comfort at an affordable price, with energy efficiency that will lower your electric bills and have a great impact on the environment at the same time. It’s important to realize comfort when cooling your home doesn’t have to come with a high price tag and a ton of horsepower. The Comfort Series gives you all that and more.

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Comfort Series Fan Coil
Model FB4

The Comfort Series fan coil ensures your unit is always working at peak performance. The airflow of the coil can also be customized to meet the cooling needs of your family and home. Not only can the coil increase your cooling efficiency, but it can even increase your SEER. Buying the three of these together ensures your AC unit is as efficient and economical as it can be.

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Comfort Series Touch -N- Go

The Comfort Series Touch-N-Go is a thermostat that makes your home cooler with just the touch of a few buttons. It’s not complicated to use and helps lower your electric bill as well. Bundle this with the comfort series unit, heat pump and fan coil and enjoy perfect temperatures in your home year round.

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Performance Series Options to Depend On!

When it comes to cooling your home, you don’t mind spending a little extra for the right HVAC unit. That’s why at Jenkin’s Heat & Air in Jacksonville, FL, we carry the Performance Series, which fits into anyone’s budget to ensure they save money in the long run as well.


Heat Pump
Models 25HCC5 & 25HCB6

Energy Efficient – When it comes to being energy efficient, the HVAC units in the Performance Series are top of the line. When you pair the unit with the Performance Series heat pump, you are guaranteed to not only save on energy and your heating/cooling bills, but you are doing your part to ensure your home is environmentally friendly as well.

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Fan Coil
Models FX & FV

Environmentally Sound – When you are looking to be environmentally sound with the HVAC unit you choose, it’s best to pair your Performance Series unit with a Performance Series fan coil. Not only does the coil have ECM technology, but the fan coils are paired with a refrigerant that is environmentally safe. At Jenkin’s Heat & Air in Jacksonville, FL, we feel this is extremely important.

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Touch-N-Go Thermostats

The Performance Series Touch-N-Go thermostats make it easy to control the heat and air flowing into your home with just a few touches. It’s easy to use and will help you be more energy-efficient as well. Contact us for more information on the Performance Series.


COR Thermostat

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EDGE Thermostat

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Only the Best for Your Family with the Infinity Series

When the temperatures are cold outside, you want your family to be warm. When the dog days of summer are beating down the door, you want your family to be comfortably cool. That’s why we, at Jenkins Heat & Air in Jacksonville, FL, carry the Infinity Series. You love your family so, you have no qualms about spending your money on the HVAC unit that comes in our Infinity Series.


Heat Pump
Model 25HNB6C

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Fan Coil
Model FE

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Infinity Touch Control W/Wifi

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Why Choose the Infinity Series?

When it comes to keeping your family comfortable year-round, pairing the Infinity Series unit with the Infinity Series heat pump is your best choice. The heat pump has a SEER rating from 13.7 to 17.2, which is optimal for a heat pump. We can provide you with information on which HVAC unit is the best for your home, as well as the Infinity Series fan coil that will improve the unit’s efficiency even more. You want a unit that is going to give you the best return for your money and be energy efficient as well.

Save on Your Energy Bills

The Infinity Series unit paired with the fan coil and heat pump will save you considerably on your energy bills. When you combine them with the state-of-the-art Infinity Series Touch-N-Go thermostat, the system can’t be beaten. The Touch-N-Go is simple to operate so you have the ability to control the heat and air in your home with just a flick of your fingers.

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