Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is important, but don’t just take OUR word for it:

  1. The JEA (Jacksonville Electicity Authority) has determined that a dirty air filter alone can cost you at least $168 more annually on your electric bill (JEA Factsheet 101: Power for Pennies)
  2. The FPL (Florida Power & Light) has determined that a dirty Air Conditioning Coil/ Unit can cost you $240 more annually on your electric bill.
  3. EPA Studies conducted on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) demonstrate that dirty indoor evaporator coils and drain pans host bacteria which cause headaches, allergies and other health related issues. 
  4. ALL AC Manufacturer recommends twice annual inspection / tune ups to boost the function and preserve the life of their units.
  5. Average life of a non-serviced unit ~7-9 years
  6. Average life of a serviced unit ~12-15 years

Why is an annual maintenance agreement important?

Carrier recommends that your unit be checked twice per year, once during the cooling season and once during the heating season. This checkup will allow our technicians to see that your unit is running at ideal pressures and that no problems have occurred that could damage your unit.

What is included in this maintenance agreement?

Our technician will perform a comprehensive check of your unit TWICE per year which entails:

  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Inspect & Change Filters
  • Inspect Belts
  • Inspect Condenser Coils
  • Inspect & Clean Evaporator Coils
  • Inspect & Clean Drain Line
  • Check Amperage on Compressor
  • Check Amperage on all motors
  • Oil or Grease all Motors and Bearings
  • Check all Electrical Connections

This agreement does not include any parts or materials except those necessary to perform the agreed upon maintenance.  Any necessary repairs required beyond those provided in the maintenance agreement will be brought to the owners attention and with approval they will be repaired and invoiced with 10% discount on the parts.

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